It's simply a smarter way to reference.

Gather quick, reliable insights

  • Request a reference in less than 30 seconds

Turn your time-consuming reference checking process, into an efficient and valuable recruitment tool. Watch the video to see Xref in action.


Quit playing phone-tag

  • Cloud-based, mobile-friendly and easy to use

References can be completed outside of business hours, on any device, with an average turnaround time of 24-36 hours.

Online reference checks streamline workflows

Say goodbye to illegible scribbles

  • Insightful reports and analytics

With Xref, there's no room for error or diluted feedback. You can accurately capture and store feedback, view detailed analytics and export reports to PDF with just one click.

Reduce the risk of reference fraud

Protect your business

  • Multi-touch fraud algorithm

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your reference is from a legitimate source. Xref monitors multiple touch-points during the referencing process, notifying you of any unusual activity.

Automated reference checks are fast and secure
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