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Automated Reference Checking: The Xref Way Explained

Automated referencing

No one can deny the importance of a robust and reliable reference check. Unfortunately, the phone-based method is slow, inconsistent, and easily exploited by savvy candidates.

Automated reference checking provides a faster and safer way of collecting valuable insights, helping businesses make confident hiring decisions, quickly. But how does automated reference checking actually work? 

The Xref Way

Step 1 - Requesting a reference

The employer logs in to the Xref platform, adds their candidate's details and selects the reference template they wish to use. The candidate is notified via email, with a link to the platform from which they can invite their references to provide feedback.

Step 2 - Completing the reference

The candidate’s referee will then receive an email invitation to provide feedback by completing the online, mobile-friendly reference questionnaire.

Step 3 - Receiving the reference report

Upon completion, the employer is notified and receives a secure record of the reference, along with a detailed analysis. All feedback is shared verbatim, with the added assurance that our fraud-detection algorithm, which checks multiple data points for any suspicious activity, will raise any red flags that might otherwise be missed during the manual reference checking processes.

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What is Xref?

Xref is a secure, mobile-friendly reference checking platform that significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps protect against candidate fraud.

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