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Is Your HR Tech Leaving the Best First Impression?


Using technology to improve the way we work is an idea the HR industry is quickly coming around to.

After all, it’s unlikely any HR practitioner dreamt of spending their career on admin-heavy, time-consuming tasks, and the delays these manual recruitment practices cause can lead to a loss of great talent.

The value technology offers in reducing these pitfalls is really starting to shine through.

The benefits of smart investments

Ensuring you introduce the technology that will genuinely add value and improve your hiring process, it will make a great impact on a candidate’s first impression - loosely-planned implementations, on the other hand, are likely to do more harm than good.

By making smart investments in good technology, you can ensure hiring decisions are based on reliable and consistent insights. Intuitive platforms also take candidates quickly through a process, with ease and - in most cases - a better understanding of their application status.

But aside from improved efficiencies, smart tech-based processes will also reinforce external perceptions that your company is tech-savvy, innovative, and able to make wise investments.

Finding the right tech for you

Navigating the wealth of HR tech solutions available and finding the right ones for you is the challenging part.

There are a number of questions every HR leader should ask before making their final investment decision, these are all covered in the downloadable Xref HR tech checklist.

Beyond the specifics of what each platform can offer your business, you should also bear in mind some basic candidate trends and principles:

  • According to US job site, Snagajob, 82% of job seekers now use their mobile to search for opportunities. The use of mobile during recruitment is high and mobile-friendly platforms are critical to creating positive candidate perceptions.
  • Ease of use is essential, which may mean reducing your reliance on traditional, manual process coordination and face-to-face interaction. Allowing candidates to progress their application without having to take time off work, or fit into the busy schedule of an HR professional can make a big impact during the hiring process.
  • Data privacy is a must and candidates are more savvy about how and where their personal data is being used, than ever. Being able to demonstrate data privacy compliance on a secure technology platform will offer candidates greater peace of mind.

Keeping up with the HR technology trend is key to ensuring you are competing on a level playing field with those who may be interested in the same candidates as you. But jumping in head first could be detrimental if you haven’t ensured that the technology you’re implementing genuinely adds value.

Get the make up of your recruitment process right and you will source, shortlist and secure your ideal hires with ease and speed, while giving them the best first impression of their new employer.

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