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Leading in a Digital Age

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There’s no doubt our industries are changing.

Every conference agenda, corporate blog, networking event and training session includes at least one agenda item focused on topics such as:

  • The rise of technology 
  • A heightened emphasis on data privacy and security
  • Increasing competition for talent on a global scale

All of which lean towards a changing way of working that is driven by a digital evolution and is impacting the role of HR and recruitment professionals all over the world.  

Finding success among all these changes requires agile teams, with the tools and resources to be able to adapt and move with the market around them.

But critically it also requires a leader with a sound understanding of the challenges of doing so, and how to handle them.

On Thursday 12th April, Keryn Paviour-Smith will host the first in a series of Disclose. Discuss. Discover. sessions designed to offer the perfect balance between networking and knowledge sharing..

This week’s inaugural event will tackle the issue of what it takes to be great leader in today’s digital age.

Exploring issues such as how to find the best people in a dispersed talent pool, maintaining company culture with a blended workforce, adopting smart hiring practices to overcome skills shortages, and achieving compliance following data regulation updates, the evening will offer attendees a chance to listen, learn and share the experiences they have as leaders in such a complex market.

Sign up today to join Keryn, a panel of experts speakers and a room full of like minded leaders for what looks set to be a great evening.

Event details:

When: Thursday 12 April, 5pm - 7pm

Where: Xref office, 17/13 Hickson Rd, Dawes Point NSW 2000, Australia

Leading in a Digital Age

Understanding current market challenges and hearing how HR leaders are handling the evolution of the profession.

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