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The New Era of Talent Management - ATC Wrap Up

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Just over a week ago we were part of the 11th annual Australasia Talent Conference at the ICC in Sydney. 

The event, which focused on the new era of talent management, featured a fantastic lineup of passionate local speakers and interactive workshops. The floor was buzzing with great HR solutions and there was a huge amount of engagement and interaction between delegates and vendors. This year we also decided to sweeten things up with an on-stand doughnut wall, which seemed to hit the spot amongst attendees. 

I had a blast facilitating a lively and interactive roundtable session and then jumping up on stage with Katy Harris, Head of Talent and Employee Experience at The Iconic, and Hassanah Rudd, Recruitment Operations Manager at nbn™. We had a great panel discussion exploring the topic of risky recruitment, based on the findings of our Recruitment Risk Index reports

What became apparent from the panel discussion was the importance of collecting relatable, quality candidate references, using specifically designed templates, as well as, being able to streamline the process not only for the sanity of in-house recruiters but also to ensure the best possible candidate experience. 

This year’s event put great emphasis on simplifying processes and systems for all stakeholders. The general feeling was that if a process can be automated to improve efficiency and the user experience, you should just do it! This is a view we’ve championed since launching Xref, so we were really excited to see the industry getting behind it. 

The relationships we have formed with our customer base is one of the aspects of the Xref business I’m most proud of and the interactions we had with both new and familiar faces at the ATC really emphasised the benefits Xref can offer businesses by turning a tired, old, manual process into a fast, simple, automated solution. It is always great to hear that our technology is adding value to recruiting processes, and the fact that those positive experiences then often lead to customer referrals is a massive added bonus for us as a company. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and we were delighted to experience it first hand at the event. 

The ATC has always been a favourite of ours and an event we have been part of since the early days. Looking back at our first event, exhibiting in a little corner at the back, to last week’s platinum sponsorship arrangement, we can proudly say we have come a long way!

If you want to know more about our journey so far have a quick read of our 2016 wrap up.

Before becoming Xref CEO, Lee spent 17 years working in recruitment across various industries, developing a deep understanding of the demands and pain points of the employment market. A serial entrepreneur with a determination to streamline business practices, Lee has also been at the forefront of multiple other technologies and recruitment organisations that redefine processes, build brands and bring positive change to a

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