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UK Recruiter - Recruitment Agency Innovation and Technology Showcase


Like me, you might be craving a change from the same old over-hyped and self-indulgent HR tech events. You value true peer collaboration and quality industry insight over glitz & glamour and elaborate vendor stands. So, mix it up. Get yourself to to the UK Recruiter - Recruitment Agency Innovation and Technology Showcase

The Technology Showcase being held on June 7 at 28 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS is one of the most well-balanced and genuine technology events on the London HR calendar that I have seen.

Louise Triance and her team from the UK Recruiter have assembled a comprehensive list of innovating HR disruptors and industry thought leaders at hand to educate and inspire.

Staying true to its nature, this recruiter-only event is refreshingly relaxed and extremely informative, boasting an impressive list of attendees always keen to exchange ideas and practices.

Xref will again be there. We have some exciting new product features that we cannot wait to reveal so if you’re a recruiter who values keeping up with the technology changing your industry, join us!

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