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Xref Integrates with iCIMS


The way we live today centres on choice - the choice of how, where and when we choose to do day-to-day tasks such as shopping, making bookings and even communicating with loved ones is in our hands, due to advances in technology that improve or substitute traditional methods. 

So, it’s no surprise that today’s workforce wants the same freedom to choose how they go about the tasks that make up their working day. None more so than the modern recruitment team, who increasingly operate across multiple markets, industries and hiring levels and have come to realise that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach taken to recruitment processes in the past, is detrimental to their hiring decisions and is no longer necessary. 

They want to be adaptable in the way they identify, attract and onboard the best talent. And technology is evolving to make this possible. 

Individual solutions enable recruiters and HR teams to identify specific tasks for which technology could offer more efficiency and insight. However, platforms such as iCIMS, go one step further by offering a cloud-based software suite to the industry. With the dedicated talent acquisition platform, companies can manage their entire recruitment process within a single SaaS application. 

Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with iCIMS and the support we will be able to offer its 3,500 customers in ensuring they make smart and confident hiring decisions, based on data-driven candidate insights. Like Xref, iCIMS recognises the importance of offering the HR industry scalable and adaptable solutions that can be tailored to align with anything from macro market conditions to the specific needs of one recruitment drive to the next. 

The introduction of Xref to the platform will see our mutual customers benefit from an increasingly comprehensive recruitment support service, and will offer existing iCIMS customers the opportunity to explore Xref via the iCIMS marketplace. The flexibility of the Xref platform will allow iCIMS customers the ability to tailor and scale their reference checking process seamlessly, alongside other solutions they use from the iCIMS suite. 

This latest agreement adds to our growing portfolio of partnerships and integrations with like-minded HR technology solutions. As the industry increasingly acknowledges the opportunities technology can offer in terms of improved efficiencies, increased security and added value, we are sure there will be multiple additional opportunities to continue to grow our network and the range of solutions we can offer customers seamless access to in the future.

Timothy Griffiths is a pillar of the Xref concept. An MBA-qualified technologist with more than 20 years’ experience advising global companies. As CTO of Xref, Timothy’s technology start-up know-how has taken the business from a smart idea to a global success and his entrepreneurial background has been a key driver for this. 

Executive Director / CTO Tim Griffiths

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Xref is a secure, mobile-friendly reference checking platform that significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps protect against candidate fraud.

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