"Xref has revolutionised our recruitment process.”

Customer Story: Hudson

Kimberley Hubble, Global RPO Leader at Hudson, explains how Xref improves referencing efficiency, delivers comprehensive feedback, and supports Hudson’s psychometric testing.


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The Xref solution

Organisational overview: 

Industry: Recruitment

Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Locations: Australia and New Zealand

What drove you to switch from manual to automated reference checks?

Hudson RPO is a leading global Recruitment Process Outsourcing company with a global network of recruiters and proprietary technology and tools, delivering qualified candidates worldwide.

We aim to deliver the most efficient and valuable service possible to clients and recognised that our manual and admin-heavy reference checking was doing nothing to help us with that. It was also costly and adding minimal insight or value to our recruitment process. All of which meant it wasn’t supporting our efforts to introduce better talent to clients. 

We’ve recently been on a mission to utilise developments in technology and update our processes. We took a targeted approach to finding the elements of the recruitment journey that could be made more efficient and quickly recognised reference checking as one that would benefit from automation.

What was your brief for Xref?

Reference checking is a critical element of the recruitment process but the time it was taking to complete meant our teams had less time to spend on important recruitment tasks that require human experience and interaction. 

We needed a solution that would make reference checking simple, user-friendly and automated, to replace something that was manual, time-consuming, and adding little value to our service.

What has been the outcome of using Xref?

We started small, piloting the platform with a select team. But after quickly seeing an uptick in efficiency and productivity, and hearing positive feedback from both referees and candidates, the solution was rolled out across Australia and has since been taken into other markets.

Previously, even just the process of conducting a reference would have taken us 20-30 minutes, which doesn’t even account for the amount of time spent chasing referees, then reporting and filing the feedback received. Now, it takes us 30 seconds to request a reference and no more than five minutes of a recruiter’s time to complete the whole process.

Xref makes use a well-oiled recruitment machine and allows us to pass benefits of that on to clients, such as the impressive time-to-fill we can offer, wherever a candidate is based, given the removal of any time-zone difficulties.

The flexibility of the platform has also been helpful. We look for different information depending on the role we are recruiting for, so the fact that we can customise the questions we ask and the competencies we’re measuring people against is incredibly useful. 

Finally, being able to validate that people are who they say they are, and pick up candidate fraud that might otherwise have been missed, has definitely been an added bonus of the platform. 

Ultimately - to continue to offer our clients a great service, we need to be able to spend time with candidates and to increase the volume and improve the value of the conversations we’re having with them. That’s exactly what Xref enables us to do!

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