fit2work is a trusted provider of police checks, background screening solutions and identity verification, able to deliver a full suite of checks from over 200 countries via a comprehensive and tailored online solution.

This integration allows customers to move from one platform to the other, in both directions, allowing Xref customers to carry out reference checks from fit2work, and fitwork users to access Xref via their existing background checking platform.


Use fit2work for your police checks, background screening solutions and identity verification.

fit2work is a provider of choice for more than 1,500 Government, Commercial and Community businesses. Via the Xref integration, it:

  • Offers police checks, background screening and identity checks directly from the Xref platform, at the same time as requesting a candidate reference

  • Enables users to add a fit2work check to an existing Xref request, or add an Xref request to an existing fit2work check

  • Ensures that for each fit2work check, users can view status updates live in the Xref platform


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