Xref Launches on the Talent App Store Platform

Posted on 04 December 2017

● Xref joins the Talent App Store open integration platform

● Answers high demand from SnapHire customers looking to integrate with Xref

● Opens integration opportunities with other leading HR tech providers

Xref Limited (ASX:XF1), the human resources technology company, today announced the successful deployment of its integration into the Talent App Store platform.

Talent App Store is an open integration platform that allows customers to assemble their own HR technology ecosystem, by connecting to the pre-integrated HR apps that matter to them. With Talent App Store, software buying is agile and implementation is efficient and cost effective, with the added protection of API security and identity management.

The Talent App Store model disrupts the typical hub and spoke approach that HR professionals have come to expect when looking for HR tech solutions. The peer-to-peer integration platform creates a lower barrier to entry for the global HR industry and enables Xref to connect with other, smart HR tech solutions that it has no current exclusive integration arrangements with, thus expanding the accessible potential client base for the Company.

Damian Newland, Head of Sales at Aotal (Talent App Store) said: “It’s great to see Xref join the Talent App Store partner community. The platform is already a popular integration solution for many SnapHire clients and the desire for an integrated offering from us both has been high on their list of preferences. Being able to offer users, existing and new, the opportunity to move quickly and easily between our applicant tracking system (ATS) and Xref’s reference checking solution will be a major new selling point for us both.”

SnapHire: Xref’s attention turned to the Talent App Store as a result of increasing demand from SnapHire clients to form an integration between the two platforms. SnapHire’s market-leading applicant tracking system offers a feature-rich and highly configurable platform that enables efficiency from talent sourcing through to acquisition and onboarding. By joining the Talent App Store, Xref will be available to be added to organisations’ HR tech ecosystems, alongside the SnapHire solution. Existing, shared Xref and Snaphire clients include SkyCity, Auckland Transport, BNZ, Kiwi Rail, Summerset Holdings, 2Degrees Mobile, NZ Earthquake Commission, IAG NZ and Callaghan Innovation.

“We are really excited to see Xref’s introduction to the Talent App Store and integration with the SnapHire solution. As a SnapHire customer, we recognise the value of being able to add the apps we use daily to one, centralised HR app ecosystem. Being able to include Xref - a tool we already use and love - to this connected process, will help to further streamline our recruitment.”

Steven Miratana, Manager of Recruitment and Employer Brand at SkyCity

"This integration signposts further realisation of one of our key strategic goals - to allow Xref to be consumed from outside the confines of our own platform. It opens up a world of opportunity for employers, solution providers and partners seeking world-class candidate verification services. Data is our currency so providing secure access to it easily and efficiently is key to ensuring we offer clients globally the full value and insight that can be derived during the reference checking process.”

Executive director / CTO, Tim Griffiths

"Talent App Store addresses demand from the HR market for a centralised platform of best-of-breed apps that are integrated and can be implemented at the touch of a button. The future of HR tech lies in its ease of use and the experience offered when moving candidates through the recruitment journey. HR professionals require the flexibility to design their own process, using the apps that work best for them. Talent App Store reimagines the traditional hub and spoke model, and brings together likeminded providers to satisfy this demand-driven environment.“

Executive director / CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour

"Together, Xref and its partners offer the HR and recruitment industry speed, insight and experience that’s never been seen before. The partnership with Talent App Store further endorses Xref’s ability to identify and leverage strategic global technology partnerships. Xref is building rich integrations, strong partner relationships and driving real commercial benefit, a winning formula for all parties involved.”

Chairman, Brad Rosser

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