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Multiple people editing the same file....Xref handles this problem.

Does this sound familiar? Several people working on the same file, making changes that clash.

Money, time, and effort are wasted. At worst, disastrous errors are generated.

Xref is a File Version Control system that can handle about anything, from CAD drawings and virtual machine images to videos and office documents.

Like a library. Xref handles this problem ...

Just like a book library, we allow only one person to check out a file at a time.

Always know who is working on a file, and recover from mistakes by recalling an earlier version.

Share files with anyone ...Working together.

Share your versioned files with anyone via Email or downloads. At the same time limit who has access to your files.

Get started for free ...

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What can Xref do?

Here is a sampling of the features found on all accounts:

File check in/check out

Assign files to team members

Recover from errors by promoting versions

Transaction logs for each file

Email files to anyone

Receive files from anyone

Unlimited number of projects

AES Encryption and EPS Security

Coordinate teams across time zones

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