Adding confidence to hiring, one candidate at a time.

Our story

Since 2011, we've been committed to pioneering positive change in the HR and recruitment industries. We believe that behind every good hire, is a robust and reliable reference check. Getting it right ensures the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

What drives us

A big heart

Xref has a big heart - we have an unwavering passion for success. We put people first with our solution and in our workplace.

Positively charged

We are driven by ambition - an incessant desire to succeed. We believe in challenging the status quo and fulfilling clients' needs with extreme value.

Driven by ambition

It's our goal to make a real difference in whatever we do. We’re redefining traditional processes by building new, meaningful and relevant solutions.

Who leads us

Lee Martin Seymour

Lee Martin Seymour

CEO and Co-Founder

Tim Griffiths

Tim Griffiths

CTO and Co-Founder

Sharon Blesson

Sharon Blesson

Chief Operating Officer

James Solomons

James Solomons

Chief Financial Officer

We're global and growing

Sydney Office - HQ

17/13 Hickson Road, Dawes Point, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

London Office

46 New Broad Street London, EC2M 1JH, United Kingdom

Toronto Office

1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2V9

Norway Office

Karl Johans Gate 16, 0154 Oslo

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