APG & Co streamlines reference checks across 140 stores

Customer Story: APG & Co

Anthony Dawson explains how the simplicity, speed and security of Xref, enabled APG & Co to make confident hiring decisions, quickly.


Results by the numbers


52% of references are completed outside traditional business hours


Candidates referenced annually using Xref


It takes, on average, just 30 hours to turnaround references

The Xref solution

APG & Co implemented Xref in 2015, as part of a wider HR initiative to improve processes and increase recruitment efficiency. Before Xref was introduced, reference checking was the responsibility of store managers, who were spending time away from the shop floor, to chase candidates and referees for information.

Xref has allowed APG & Co to centralise the referencing task, which now sits with the HR team, freeing up time for store managers and ensuring consistency in the process across all stores. It has also allowed APG & Co to add an extra layer of security and governance to the reference checking process.

Using Xref, APG & Co has: 

  • Increased the percentage of completed reference requests
  • Improved the quality and quantity of referee feedback
  • Ensured a more secure and consistent reference checking process

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