Risk Protection

Safeguard your business against reference & identity fraud.

Automated fraud detection

Xref's unique multi-touch fraud algorithm works behind the scenes to monitor suspicious activity, tracking:

  • Candidate and reference IP address
  • The device and browser used
  • The date and time Xref was accessed

You'll be notified if the system detects a potential fraud case.

Audit trails

If a fraudulent case does arise, you'll have access to all activity throughout the reference lifecycle to validate your process and hiring decisions.

Within Xref you can:

  • Create an audit-proof activity log for all references

Identity verification

Add an essential layer of security to your recruitment processes by verifying that the people you're hiring are who they say they are.

As well as comprehensive references, you can also perform a suite of additional checks from within your Xref account, including:

  • Global ID checks
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Biometric verification

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