The partnership between Xref and Expr3ss! combines applicant selection and employee reference checking.

While Expr3ss! sits at the very beginning of the hiring sequence – using a proprietary attitudinal test to analyse candidates’ engagement and suitability for the role – Xref comes in at the other end of the process, helping clients close off the hiring cycle and by arming them with quality data to help them make smart and confident hiring decisions without risk.

Use Expr3ss! predictive hiring to find applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit.

Through a unique, proven online system Expr3ss! quickly and cost-effectively matches and pinpoints only the applicants for the role. It enables organisations to:
  • Manage applicants - sift, sort and pinpoint applicants matching the ‘Can Do’ skills needed
  • Identify shortlists - the proven Expr3ss! algorithm will match the 'Will-do' "stars" to make a shortlist
  • Engage, liaise & appoint - engage, liaise and collaborate to appoint the right matches to 'Fit-to' the role, the team and the business.

App details

Author: Expr3ss!

Type: Applicant Tracking System

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