iCIMS Integration with Xref


Xref offers an integration into the iCIMS Talent Platform, a suite of talent acquisition tools that enable organisations to source, screen, and employ the best talent for ever-changing business needs.

The partnership offers a seamless transfer of candidate reference data from the Xref platform into the iCIMS Talent Platform, allowing recruiters to efficiently screen candidates and manage the entire hiring process within a single, cloud-based application.


Manage your entire talent acquisition lifecycle via a single Saas application, using iCIMS.

iCIMS offers leading software solutions and tools to unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCIMS, companies can manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application, including:
  • Recruiting - with access to thousands of job boards, increased engagement via branded career portals and user-friendly recruiting success reports
  • Connecting - enabling organisations to start the conversation with passive candidates early, create talent pools and nurture candidate relationships¬†
  • Onboarding - offering personalised resources for specific job role, helping everyone stay on track with automated reminders and eliminate paperwork with electronic forms


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