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Recruitment Risk Index: Canadian Industry Perspective

Machine Learning and HR - Using Advanced Technology for Smarter Hiring

The Recruitment Risk Index: Canadian Industry Perspective surveys 1000+ job-seeking Canadians and 100 HR professionals to explore the dynamic between job-seekers and the recruitment/HR industry within the context of applying for jobs and using reference checks as a critical background checking tool. 

While, in markets such as Australia, HR professionals felt referencing was a burden with little value in its current format, Canadians have been revealed to hold the opposite opinion, associating great value with the process. But inconsistencies in how it is conducted are putting them at risk.

The surveys revealed that:  

  • 33% of job seekers reported to walking away from an opportunity due to recruitment delays
  • 34% of HR professionals admitted their organisation does not reference consistently
  • 68% of Canadian HR professionals believe they have been lied to during phone references

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