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Online Reference Checking: The Xref Way Explained

Automated referencing

Automated, online referencing provides a faster, safer way of collecting valuable insights, helping hiring managers make quick and confident decisions.

But how does automated reference checking actually work?

Watch this short video to find out - the Xref way!

The 3 steps the automated references

Step 1 - Requesting a reference

The employer logs into the platform and adds the details of their candidate (or multiple candidates) and selects the reference template they wish to use.

Step 2 - Completing the reference

The candidate then receives an email inviting them to add the details of their reference providers. Once submitted, the reference provider will receive an email inviting them to complete a secure, online reference questionnaire.

Step 3 - Receiving the reference report

Once the reference is complete, the employer is notified, and will receive a secure analysis of the feedback, including information on how the candidate performed against other individuals referenced.

What are the benefits?


The cloud-based solution dramatically reduces the time taken to reference, giving you more time to focus on strategic HR tasks.


Candidates and employers enjoy complete transparency over the process, with status updates available at each stage.


Reference providers can give feedback on any device, at any time, eliminating the disruption of back and forth phone calls and timezone difficulties.


Xref is ISO certified, SSL Secure and GDPR Compliant. Our fraud-detection system also checks multiple data points for any potentially suspicious activity, like whether the reference was completed using the same IP address as the candidate.

Want to see the platform in action?

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What is Xref?

Xref is a secure, mobile-friendly reference checking platform that significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps protect against candidate fraud.

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