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Sleeping Rough For Australia's Homeless

Sleeping rough for Australia’s homeless

Three Xref executives can confirm that sleeping rough is tough - and they only had to do it for one night.

Those that keep an eye on our LinkedIn updates will have seen that, on the evening of Thursday 22, the Xref CEO, CTO and CFO all spent a night beneath the stars with a “who’s who” list of other Australian executives, as part of the Vinnies CEO sleepout series.

We’re delighted to say they survived and wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who showed their support with either good luck messages or donations.

So far they’re raised more than $5,000 and the figure continues to rise! Take a look at some snaps from the night below and, if you feel inspired to donate, you’ve still got time to head over to the Xref team page and show your support.

“Homelessness is a difficult issue to appreciate and few of us know what we can do to help - this event provides a perfect opportunity for the Australian business community to do its part. It was only one night but it really brought to life the seriousness of the issue and it’s fantastic to see so much money raised.”

Executive Director / CTO Tim Griffiths

“The CEO sleepout is a truly unique event that is a must for all Australian executives. Like many of those taking part, the three of us arrived at the stadium after a busy day of meetings, conference commitments and the usual day-to-day business challenges - the rapid change of scenery brought an alarming sense of perspective. We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received and will definitely be doing our bit again in the future.”

Executive Director / CEO Lee-Martin Seymour

“I’m blown away by the number and value of donations we’ve received, it makes me very proud to have taken part and delighted we were able to do our bit to help Vinnies and the homeless across Australia. The more we can do to raise awareness of the issue, the better.”

CFO / James Solomons

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