Talent App Store and Xref
Talent App Store Xref


Xref is partnered with app integration solution, Talent App Store. The Talent App Store gives employers access to Xref for automated reference checking and other niche, pre-integrated apps that each do one job exceptionally well.


The Talent App Store platform solves a major HR technology challenge facing employers today - accessing new technologies and integrating them into their talent management systems.

Talent App Store offers an open platform for the development and deployment of HR SaaS microservices - small, elegantly formed, pre-integrated apps that each do one thing exceptionally well. It enables users to:

  • Browse - discover a suite of HR apps built to tackle specific HR related tasks
  • Install - easily choose the right solutions with the assurance that security and integration are taken care of
  • Share data - utilise the peer-to-peer connectivity that enables data to be shared between apps


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