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Recruitment Risk Index: The State of UK Referencing

Today’s #1 Recruitment Challenge: It’s Not the War for Talent

Over the last ten years, the nature of references has changed. Employers in the United Kingdom have switched from providing opinion-based to neutral references that only confirm a candidate’s name, dates of employment and job title. So why are UK employers not taking every opportunity to stress-test candidates’ CVs? And what are the risks that arise when businesses turn their backs on thorough reference checking? 

The Recruitment Risk Index: The Stake of UK Referencing surveys 1,000 job-seekers to take a closer look at the recruitment process - specifically reference checks.  

Among other startling findings, the survey found that: 

  • 23.5% of candidates had not been asked for a reference when applying for a job
  • 28% of job seekers had exploited flaws in the reference checking process
  • 25% of referees were asked to confirm a candidate's age - a discrimination breach

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