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A Night on The Streets for Three Xref Execs

A Night on the Streets for Three Xref Execs

With the rapid growth of Xref since launching in 2011, our leaders have had a busy schedule that never seems to waive but they appreciate just how lucky they are for the opportunities they’ve been given to get the business to where it is today.

With all the speed, excitement, trials and tribulations that come with running a start-up, it can be difficult to find the time to take a step back and appreciate where you really sit in a bigger economic and cultural picture, but one annual event that allows Australian executives to do just that, is the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

The Sleepout was started by business leader Bernard Fhon in 2006, as a local community venture in Sydney’s Parramatta. With the help of Vinnies, business associates, volunteers and his family, Bernard held the inaugural event at Sydney Olympic Park. Since 2010, the annual Sleepout has been a national event and 1,368 executives have now taken part. To date, it has raised almost $1.4 million, the majority of the donations being made to executives taking part in Sydney. 

This year’s Sydney event, taking place on Thursday 22 June, will include three familiar Xref faces: 

CEO and co-founder, Lee-Martin Seymour
CTO and co-founder, Tim Griffiths 
CFO, James Solomons

To be part of the Xref exec support team and do your bit for the disadvantaged and homeless in Australia, head over and make a donation - Tim, Lee, James and all those involved will be very grateful for your support. 

“It’s so important to take time out of the business and recognise how lucky we are for the life opportunities we have had.  Homelessness is one of the biggest social problems in Australia and it shouldn’t just be accepted. The reality is it could be any of us out there one day. Events such as this are critical in ensuring support is there for anyone who needs it.”

Executive Director / CTO Tim Griffiths

“We do this for one night a year, for many it’s a daily reality. We must not overplay the individual effort required to take part in the Sleepout, but we should celebrate the combined endeavours of Australia’s executives in trying to help overcome the issue of homelessness across the country. I’m very proud to be taking part again this year.”

Executive Director / CEO Lee-Martin Seymour

“As a dedicated philanthropist, I spend much of my time outside of work helping charities and local community projects. The Vinnies Sleepout is the perfect way for me to combine my professional position and personal passion to support those in need. The event itself is a floodlight for the issue, but supporters’ donations are what make the real difference.”

CFO / James Solomons

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